Fred Jentgen

As a Professional EOS Implementer® , my passion is to unleash businesses and people to be their best!  Over my career as a technology business leader working with hundreds of businesses, I became captivated by the passion and grit of small business leaders.  I also saw first-hand, the struggles of small businesses to gain traction with their vision and grow their businesses with limited resources.    In September 2019, I formed Unleashed Consulting Group with a mission to unleash small businesses and leaders by equipping them with the focus, strategies, and tools to thrive and achieve their vision!

Professional EOS Implementer & Certified LifePlan Facilitator

Fred Jentgen with Unleashed Consulting Group - Professional EOS Implementer and Certified Paterson Lifeplan Facilitator

Fred Jentgen

Founder & CEO

We strive to embody the UNLEASHED 5 Core Values in everything we do!

  1. Be Humbly Confident
  2. Help First
  3. Grow or Die
  4. Demonstrate Integrity
  5. Pursue Joy