EOS® Implementation

Most businesses have a good sense of their vision, but many don’t have the strategies, resources or execution discipline to achieve that vision. I work with businesses to understand their vision and their execution challenges, then build and implement their business around a simple, but comprehensive, operating system called EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System Model

EOS is a simple, comprehensive system that leverages proven tools to align your resources to your vision, focus your execution on your priorities, and establish a healthy culture of transparency, accountability, and growth! The EOS Model® is designed to make businesses strong in Six Key Components™ (Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction®)!

The Entrepreneurial Operating System Process

The EOS Process® starts with a free 90 Minute Meeting to determine if EOS is right for your business. If EOS is a fit, then a process of 3 Day Sessions (Focus Day™, Vision Building™ Day 1, and Vision Building Day 2) is started to begin implementing EOS for your business. Each session is backed by our value guarantee.